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Job Placement

It was decided that Umeed society in consultation and approval of Chandigarh Administration, will select appropriate places in Chandigarh for running Juice Bars, Snack Huts, PCO & STD Booth / Photostat Booth etc. Since, for setting up such a facility, there is no provision in the government budget, it was decided to get sponsorships from semi-government and private business houses for construction of kiosks as well as the necessary equipment including tea-coffee vending machine, juicer, hot case, microwave, refrigerator and crockery. Each fully furnished and equipped booth costs approximately Rs. 1.5-2 Lacs. It was decided to employ two children and one parent in one shift at each booth. Responsibility of selecting parents was given to the executive body. The executive committee selected the parents using following criteria:

i) Members of the body

ii) Unemployed

iii) Preferably from lower SE status

The children were selected by the institute as teachers knew their capabilities. The primary aim was:

a) To extend benefit to maximum families i.e. 3-6 families have been rehabilitated at one booth i.e. 1-2 parents and 2-4 children from different families.

b) To create a protected and congenial atmosphere as these parents have sufficient understanding about the emotional needs and limitations of these children.

c) Children were selected from the vocational sections being run by GIMRC and these children had undergone 2-3 years vocational training. Additionally they were given 3 months on job training and were paid stipend of Rs. 500 before they were appointed as UMEED Employees.

A policy decision was taken not to allot any booth to any one family/person. This was done because:

i) The family may not be in a position to run the booth regularly as lot of time is required for the care of mentally challenged person. Some families have more than one mentally challenged person.

ii) The business should not be closed down when there is some family problem or illness etc. of parents or mentally challenged person.

iii) The family may not misuse the allotted site by renting it out or selling it

iv) Majority of families are in a position to invest the required money to set up the KIOSK.

It was further decided that the income from all the kiosks/booths under Umeed will be deposited in a common bank account and after deducting the expenditure on the cost of fruits, electricity and other charges; the remaining income will be divided as follows:

The profit was calculated out of the total collection from all the kiosks rather than collecting profit for individual kiosks. This was done to ensure at least minimum wages to each child even if there was no profit in a particular month from the kiosk where the child was working. Wages were calculated according to hours of working for each child.


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