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What Make Us Distinct

  1. It is a practical example of mainstreaming where Mentally Challenged Children are working at tourist attraction sites in the community.

  2. It is a self sustaining unit and continuity is assured despite frequent leaves due to medical and social reasons and relievers fill the gap.

  3. There is no risk of sub letting as the kiosks belong the UMEED society and not to any individual.

  4. No risk of exploitation as the children are under the supervision of parents who have similar child back at home.

  5. There is no burden on the Govt.

  6. Salary is paid through cheques and is transferred to the account jointly operated by the child and his parent. The money is saved for the future needs when their parents will be no more.

  7. There is a wide scope of future expansion.

  8. Children are learning business skills of competition, advancement, customer satisfaction, saving and self advocacy.

  9. Provision of regular check up and medical care for associated medical disorders.

  10. UMEED is instrumental in bringing change in attitude and perception of society towards these children.

Umeed has helped the persons with Mental Retardation and their families to lead a life of purpose and dignity. They have become a productive/earning member of the family and integral part of the society. It gives the society a message that if given an opportunity they can prove their ability and worth.


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