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Board Objective & Members

1. Creating awareness among the professional as well as public so that the persons with disabilities are recognized early.

2. To work prevention of disabilities by establishing linkages with departments of health, education, mother and child as well as social justice and empowerment.

3. Establishing early intervention clinics for providing early interverntion to prevent further deterioration.

4. Provide special education to the children with severe to profound retardation and encourage inclusive education in regular schools for children with mild to moderate disabilities.

5. Provide vocational training for preparing the children to be independent self sufficient.

6. To provide medical care for asscociated medical problems as well as special care including occupational and physiotherapy.

7. To have residential facilities for children who do not have any family to look after them.

8. To provide home based services to children with severe and profound disabilities.

9. To establish community based rehabilitation centres in the society.

10. Job placement

11. Facilitate in providing concessions and benefits given by the government and other agencies.

12. Counseling of families and disabled persons.

13. Organizing Seminars, conference, symposium, workshops, group discussions & training programmes for parents and professionals.

14. Manpower development programmes for care givers and professionals working in the field.

15. Provide Legal & Financial Assistance. 16. Providing financial assistance for organizing sports.

17. Set up respite care centres.

18. Provide technical assistance to NGO’s.

19. Fund raising.

20. Disbursement of funds for improving the quality of life.

21. Social Security

Management Committee:

President -Dr. B.S. Chavan

Vice president-Dr.Chhaya Parsad

G.Secretary-Dr.Balbir Singh

Treasurer-Ms. Sharmila Sharma

Executive members

Mr. Anil Kumar
Mrs. Anchal Joshi
Mrs. Manmohan Kaur
Mr.Shyam lal Goyal


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