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What is our misson?

A sincere effort to Provide dignified living and change of attitude from charity to right based care for the children and persons with special need whom we have neglected over the years

How can you get involved?

you can join Campaign to improve the lives of the persons with intellectual disabilities,your emotional, financial support can change this world and make it beautiful for all, for further info click here..

Read Sweety’s Story

She is 10 years girl. Her father died few years back and her in-laws threw her and her mother out of the house. Mother works as part time worker in a private hospital and earns just Rs 3000 which is not enough even for the medicine prescribed for sweety for epilepsy.

Read Anil's Story

He  is 18 years old boy suffering from Down syndrome, a common condition leading to mild Mental Retardation and it is due to chromosomal dysfunction during pregnancy. He also has problem in his right Eye. He is from a very poor family and there is no source of income.

Read Himanshi’s Story

Himanshi is 9 years old girl suffering from Down syndrome (Mental Retardation) a condition which is chrosomal dysfunction during its happen during his pre natal period. She has problem in speech and activity of daily living. Her father works in shop as a labour on daily wages.

Read Gautam's Story

Gautam is 9 years old boy suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (Mental Retardation) a condition in which part of the brain is not working as per requirement. He has problem in speech and activity of daily living. . His father works in factory as a labour on daily wages.

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